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Applying content marketing hacks from Tech to Publishing

Marketing at a publishing house can be a challenge — so many books, so little time. It can feel difficult to give each book the time and attention it deserves. But while time often feels like it’s in short supply, content never is.

If you’ve been wanting to stop, take stock of what you’re doing, and create meaningful content marketing plans that maximize your impact while taking into account your time and budget-strapped realities, this webinar is for you. Brownyn Kienapple, Director of Content Marketing at PolicyMe, worked in publicity and marketing at Penguin Canada for four years, so she knows firsthand the challenges unique to the industry.

In this webinar she’ll dive into:

-How to develop a goal-objective-strategy-tactic system that will focus your content production.
-How to decide what channels to leverage, and which ones to dismiss.
-Content production vs. distribution: how to split your time.
-Bonus: How to use AI tools to generate and repurpose content.
-Bonus: AMA session at the end of the presentation.


Bronwyn Kienapple (PolicyMe)

Ainsley Sparkes (BookNet Canada)


This session will run for 1 hour.

The session will be hosted on Zoom. Sign language interpretation and closed captioning will be available. You can turn on closed captioning by clicking on the CC button in the menu bar.

Cameras and microphones will be off for attendees attending this session. However, the session may use the Zoom polling, chat, and Q&A. There will be someone monitoring the Zoom chat and Q&A if you have any questions or problems during the session.

This session will be recorded. The recording will be made available on YouTube after the session, along with the transcript. If this session uses slides, they will be shared publicly after the session.

Please feel free to get in touch for any further information. If you have any accessibility requirements, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Apr 4, 2023 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Bronwyn Kienapple
Director of Content Marketing @PolicyMe
Bronwyn Kienapple is the Director of Content Marketing at PolicyMe, formerly of Venngage and FreshBooks. She specializes in startup B2C SEO strategy, content partnerships, developing and implementing brand and editorial guidelines, competitor analysis, distribution, and content performance monitoring and analysis.
Ainsley Sparkes
Marketing & Communications Manager @BookNet Canada
Ainsley Sparkes has over a decade of marketing experience, much of it in the Canadian book industry. She is now the Marketing & Communications Manager at BookNet Canada.