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The Structure of an Academic Article
The structure of an academic paper.

We will cover Dos and Don'ts for each section: Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion/Conclusion ..... what you NEED to include and what you SHOULD NOT INCLUDE in terms of language and structure.

This expert webinar is focused on language issues and you'll learn how to structure the sections of your research article with respect to decisions related to tense, the order of paragraphs/sentences, and data reporting.

We'll show you how to set up the organization of your paper to ensure that things are in the correct place.

Our overarching goal is to not make reviewers work too hard!
I. Abstract: Make it clear
A. Tense: mixed
B. Structure
C. Following journal guidelines
D. Word reduction strategies
E. Fine-tuning: prepositions
F. A word of caution: using a thesaurus
II. Introduction: Make the case
A. Tense: mixed or past
B. Structure
1. Organize from general to specific information
2. Start with the problem
3. Close with the thesis statement
C. Avoid the Curse of Knowledge
D. Fine-tuning: Define every abbreviation/journal guidelines
E. A word of caution: Never/Always
III. Methods: Make it reproducible
A. Tense: Past
B. Structure
1. By method
2. Summarize preliminary methods
3. All and only the methods used to obtain reported results included in detail
C. Fine-tuning: Use of articles (an, a, and the)
IV. Results: Make it simple
A. Tense: Past
B. Structure
1. Subheadings
2. Order of importance: first and third
C. Comparisons
1. Examples of concise, easy comparisons
2. Appropriate/inappropriate word choices
D. Fine-tuning: Not only…but also
E. A word of caution: Prove
V. Discussion: Make it relevant
A. Tense: Mixed
B. Organization: Don’t bury the lede!
1. Strategy to avoid repetition
2. Refer only to reported results
3. Incorporating new references
C. Fine-tuning: Imperfect tense
D. A word of caution: Overstating the results or relevance

Dec 6, 2022 09:00 AM in London

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