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IASC - Webinar on Response Surface Methodology with Application in R
Response surface methodology (RSM) is a collection of statistical and mathematical techniques useful for developing, improving, and optimizing processes. It also has important applications in the design, development, and formulation of new products, as well as in the improvement of existing product designs. The most extensive applications of RSM are in the industrial world, particularly in situations where several input variables potentially influence some performance measure or quality characteristic of the product or process. This performance measure or quality characteristic is called the response. It is typically measured on a continuous scale, although attribute responses, ranks, and sensory responses are not unusual. The RSM package for R provides several functions to facilitate classical response surface methods. The package is used to generate response surface designs, fit first and second order response surface models, make surface plots, obtain the path of steepest ascent, and do canonical analysis. The webinar will focus on generating an appropriate response surface design in R as well as using the software for fitting and displaying response surface models. It is envisaged that by the end of the webinar participants will have the requisite skills to undertake RSM analysis in R.
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Prof. John M. Mutiso
@Moi University
Dr. Ayubu Anapapa Okango
@Murang’a University of Technology