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**Rescheduled from 4th to 18th Oct** Electric heating solutions – from pews and panels, to chandeliers and cushions
Come to this practical webinar to hear about the range of direct electric heating solutions which exist.

The webinar will cover pew heating, far-infra-red heating, panel heaters, storage heaters, heated cushions, and suspended (“chandelier”) heaters.

Solutions like these can help churches achieve Net Zero Carbon. They often work well for
• occasionally-used churches who want to move away entirely from oil and gas, and
• regularly used churches which want a hybrid system which will reduce the hours their space heating system runs each week.

(This webinar will not cover heat pumps, which are the subject of a separate session.)

Speaker: George Evans, Managing Director, BN Thermic. George has 9 years of experience designing and installing heating systems, including installations in around 200 churches around the country.

Oct 18, 2022 12:00 PM in London

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