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Using Polarization Curve Analytics to Model Atmospheric Corrosion Risk for Structures Subject to Varying Environmental Exposure
On October 26th 2020 at 9:00 US (EDT) 14:00 UK (London) BEASY will present a corrosion webinar.

The BEASY PolCurveX modeling tool is used by design engineers to quickly assess the corrosion risk of material combinations exposed to aqueous environments. The joining of metallic materials can result in the development of deleterious galvanic couples which can prove costly in terms of compromised equipment performance and increased maintenance. We are going to introduce the philosophy of using the BEASY PolCurveX tool, which is based on a laboratory validated electrochemical database with a focus on corrosion kinetics, to predict corrosion rates in structures subject to different environmental exposures. Key benefits to using this novel approach include the ability to create more corrosion resistant designs though improved material selections and support for the new military design guidelines (MIL-STD-889D Standard Practice for Design with Dissimilar Metals) that are being implemented in the very near future.

An agenda for the webinar and key points on what we will discuss include:
• General functionality of the BEASY PolCurveX modeling tool
• Storage and management of experimental polarization curve data
• Deconvolution – what is it and how to perform it
• Self-corrosion calculation for individual materials
• Transforming bulk polarization curve data for thin film electrolyte applications
• Using Curve-Crossing to determine corrosion rates for galvanic couples
• A realistic case study that explores corrosion severity in different environments
• Q&A

For more information visit: www.beasy.com

Oct 26, 2021 02:00 PM in London

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