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DigitalNow Asia Webinar- Enhance sales capabilities & increase revenue through sales engagement
CRM is a fundamental tool in the sales culture. It optimizes the basic touch points of the sales process such as documenting the leads, communicating with the customers, and tracking the progress of the sale. However, the current market ecosystem requires a more aggressive yet engaging approach in the sales environment.

This is why having a sales engagement platform to integrate your CRM software with is critical. It provides an execution platform that can elevate the entire sales process by tying data, intelligence, and productivity tools together which saves reps time.

Join DigitalNow Asia and Salesloft in an engaging and thought-provoking discussion about how a sales engagement platform could transform a sales organization and help generate more revenue, faster.


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Gael Tang
Accounts Executive @Salesloft
Gael Tang is an Account Executive at Salesloft where he's helping sellers sell better, generate pipeline, manage deals, engage with customers more efficiently. Throughout his career, selling tech in APAC for over 13 years, both as an Individual Contributor and as a Regional Inside Sales Manager, Gael has observed what makes the top Sales achievers what they are. It always comes to having a disciplined Pipeline Generation Methodology to keep the funnel full.
Mitch McCann
Growth Manager @SalesTribe
With a focus on always maintaining a customer centric sales approaches, Mitch has been working with large enterprise organisations to change their activities to engage and educate their target markets with best practices in sales for 2022. What works and what doesn’t work when it comes to efficient customer engagement? Glad you asked, come along and find out 😊
Devan Arumugam Pillai
Community Growth VP