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The success of (and competition to) the ‘4-corner-model’ in payments
Essential points for debate are:
– The economics of multi-sided platforms /network effects
– Impact of next-gen infra
– Towards a more collaborative and inclusive environment?
– Will platforms disrupt 4-corner models?

Outline of APC Expert Debate:

Banking and payments has been based on the 4-corner model for decades. Now we see the emergence of platforms (instead of 4-corner, we have any-to-any). This is not only an architectural reorg, it is also a commercial revolution. The “old” 4-corner model is based on fees (interchange. merchant fees, chargeback fees, terminal fees, …) – the new platforms are offering payments for free ! Terminals are provided for free, payments cost nothing …

Platforms start with a huge customer base and so can just “add on” payments as an extra feature – like adding video messaging to a text platform. Will this disrupt banks and acquirers and issuers and all payment service providers? Will all payments through platforms intermediating banks ? The platforms only offer the free devices and service in exchange for the customers’ data – is this what we want ? Will the regulators break the monopoly of platforms ?

Hear our panel with international top experts will discuss the strategic consequences, the new business models, the transformation of the industry.
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