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The future of embedded FPGAs – A Candid Conversation with Adam Taylor
The landscape of embedded FPGAs has changed drastically and while their core value of flexibility and long lifetimes remain true, the actual options for customers are much more fragmented. Join us to understand what this new market looks like, where Adam Taylor and Jayson Bethurem of Rapid Silicon think the industry is headed and how to best adapt to the changes.


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Jayson Bethurem
VP of Business Development @Rapid Silicon
Jayson has over 25 years of FPGA design, sales, marketing, and management experience. He launched the Cost-Optimized Portfolio and tripled product line opportunity funnels through several successful sales campaigns at Xilinx. Achieving over $1B in annual sales and 48% annual customer growth. He also launched Xilinx's first SoC product, Zynq-7000, creating product positioning, training & marketing.
Adam Taylor
Principal Engineering Consultant @Adiuvo Engineering
Adam Taylor is a chartered engineer and fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. He is an expert in FPGA and Embedded Systems design, with a specialization in high-reliability design. Adam is also a Visiting Professor of embedded systems at the University of Lincoln and loves teaching.