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Helping Sales Reps Build Trust in an Unpredictable Economy : 5 Tips to Help Improve Confidence, Credibility & Conversations
Standing out in the buyer journey and differentiating at every touch point is crucial to winning against the competition in an unpredictable economy. But it's not easy to help reps know what to say, show, and do in a way that feels authentic to them and personal to the people they're selling.

Good thing we've got Databook and Mindtickle to help us!

After helping hundreds of top brands like Cisco, Mastercard, and LinkedIn transform their sales readiness - including sales enablement, revenue operations, and sales intelligence workflows - Databook and Mindtickle have a proven track record for what organizations should do (and should not do) to drive the sales behaviors that help reps personalize the buyer journey and win bigger, better deals that scale.

Join us for an informative session full of real-world best practices that are grounded in results.

We’ll discuss:

•Sales readiness trends & big bets that will
move the needle in today's economy
•Results you can drive when you commit to
sales readiness best practices
•Use cases and workflows that yield fast
•How to get internal teams and reps on
board with change
•The most common mistakes business make
& how to avoid them


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