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How a Manufacturer Deals with the Supply Chain Issues that ‎ Impact you and Tries to Make Your Life Easier
A system integrator and manufacturer panel discussion.

‎“We can’t deliver the project if we can’t get the parts!”‎

Disruption has been a recurring theme over the past few years, and if you are a part of the ‎industrial automation project delivery ecosystem, the global supply chain has likely caused ‎some disruption for you. ‎

Material scarcity, port congestion, shipping delays, increased freight costs, and demand ‎peaks have become common conversational topics. ‎

But disruption isn’t always a bad thing – digital transformation is disruptive too! ‎

And in the midst of the challenges that 2022 brought, Schneider Electric climbed from #4 to ‎‎#2 on Gartner’s Global Supply Chain Top 25 and was the winner of the award for Process or ‎Technology Innovation, based on its “self-healing” supply chain platform.‎

Join key leaders from Schneider Electric (SE) to hear how digital transformation helped them ‎respond to the disruptive challenges – and how these challenges and responses affect your ‎business. ‎

‎(You might even get some ideas on solutions to help your customers be more adaptive or ‎increase their efficiency!) ‎

In this session, you will:‎
‎• Hear about the factors that impact manufacturer supply and how SE managed them.‎
‎• Learn how to most effectively interact with a global manufacturer on supply chain issues. ‎
‎• Discover ways to pursue projects when product is scarce. ‎
There will be time for Q&A, so bring your questions!‎

Know someone who would be interested in attending this session? Invite them! This session ‎is open to all.‎

‎(“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change,” Stephen Hawking)‎

Mar 29, 2023 10:00 AM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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Steve March ‎
Steve March is the U.S. Ecosystem Sales Leader for Schneider Electric, a global company ‎driving digital transformation by integrating leading edge energy technologies and real-time ‎automation solutions. Steve joined Schneider Electric after 15 years managing marketing, ‎sales and business development efforts for engineering design and control system ‎integration firms, He currently leads the Schneider Electric program and strategy in the U.S. ‎for industrial automation partners.‎
Melissa Pressnail
Melissa Pressnail is Schneider Electric’s Director of Offer Management for Industrial Automation, NAM. Her previous experience includes roles as a post-merger integration project manager (Schneider Electric / Invensys), Sales Excellence Leader, Director of Strategy Execution, and Director of Commercial Transformation.
Gabriel de Tissot
Approaching two decades of experience in supply chain operations, including work as a manufacturing plant manager, supply chain manager, and lean program director; Gabriel de Tissot is currently the Vice President of Engineered to Order for Schneider Electric, North America. His responsibilities have included production, quality, purchasing, warehousing, after-sales service, and more.
Doug Brunsting
Doug is the Vice President of Supply Chain at Interstates and oversees a team of 16 who ‎support the National Construction, Regional Offices and Professional Services lines (annual ‎spend of approx. $140M+). Doug began the Purchasing Department at Interstates in 1986. In ‎‎2007, he left the organization to work as a Supply Chain Manager for a national ethanol ‎company and then became the VP of Supply Chain for a global candy company. Doug returned ‎to Interstates in 2014 as Vice President of Regional Offices where he oversaw the growth and ‎management of the regional offices across the United States. Most recently, Doug transitioned ‎into his current position as VP of Supply Chain.‎