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DigitalCFO Leadership Roundtable - xP&A Business Partnering: Expanding the Principles of FP&A Beyond Finance Perspectives
In today's fast changing digital world where data across all company functions are generated at every turn from ERP & CRM systems, organisations are increasingly turning to the concept of xP&A (Extended Planning & Analysis) Business Partnering to drive better decision-making and improved performances in the planning process.

xP&A, also known as collaborative planning, refers to extended planning capabilities across various functions of an organisation; not just finance, but sales, HR, procurement, marketing, etc. The latest technological advancements have enhanced FP&A frameworks in such a way that the office of Finance can now expand the traditional FP&A process to the entire organisations to ensure long-term success.

Join DigitalCFO & Jedox in this CFO Leadership Roundtable to discuss how you can extend your FP&A expertise to organise and bring different functions and departments into xP&A business partnering planning.


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