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Science Speakeasy: What's your Beef? Is Fake Meat Fake News?
Our planet’s climate is changing fast.

Humans are emitting greenhouse gases into our atmosphere at an unprecedented level, and agriculture, forestry and land use relating to our food systems account for over one third of this. Could alternative protein sources like lab-grown meat be the solution? Or is that just fake news?

In an effort to reduce the carbon emissions generated by farming animals for meat, companies are racing to create appetising meat substitutes. Alternative proteins are starting to hit the shelves, and now “cultured meat” - grown in a lab - is on its way. It’s already on plates in restaurants in Singapore!

In a society of meat-lovers, could lab-grown meat be the solution? Or will people be too sceptical for it catch on?

Join the debate, with panellists from here in Newcastle and right across the globe, including Dr Martina Miotto, Chief Scientific Officer at CelllulaREvolution, Dr Chris Bryant of Bryant Research Ltd, Dr Peter Newton of the University of Colorado Boulder, and Dr Alexandra Sexton of Sheffield University.

Oct 21, 2021 08:00 PM in London

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