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The Inclusion Exchange: "Black History and Black Futures, an exploration of an unequal history and the struggles that still exist"
For our third Inclusion Exchange, we’ll be marking Black History Month by discussing how the past influences the present inequities facing Black people and people from racially minoritized backgrounds, and what organisations should do to 'level up' the playing field, by being informed of the history of race and racism in the UK.

On the agenda:

- Understanding Black History in the UK

- Current trends and outcomes for Black and racially minoritised communities in health, education, the criminal justice system and how this is connected to our history.

- What we can do to honour the realities of an unequal history and challenge the current inequalities facing Black and racially minoritized populations

- Practical tips and takeaways

- Live Q&A

Oct 19, 2022 12:00 PM in London

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Andrew Lynch
Andrew Lynch is a member of Liverpool’s Black community, which has existed in the city from the early 18th century, making it the oldest existing Black community in Europe. Andrew has worked in local government, in the education sector and in the local voluntary and community sector for many years. He has recently retired from over a decade working to promoting patient and community engagement with the local NHS and as an Equality and Inclusion Lead for The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust. His main professional interest is in encouraging and facilitating open, honest and inclusive discussion of race equality issues with a focus on finding practicable improvements and solutions. He also works to promote greater knowledge of the history of the transatlantic slave trade and Black history in general.
Natalie Denny
Director @Skywriters
Natalie Denny is the force behind Skywriters. Her roles include writer, activist and Content and Quality Assurance Lead for Anthony Walker Foundation. Natalie is chair of The Period Project Merseyside, a voluntary led initiative providing women and people who have periods with menstrual items and campaigning to #endperiodpoverty. Natalie is also a co-founder of The Goddess Projects, an organisation with the mission to empower, inspire and assist Black women and women of colour to develop and achieve in their communities.
Ayo Barley
MD & EDI Practitioner @Bakare Barley Ltd
Ayo is an EDI Practitioner with 18 years of experience, and has an academic background in Social Policy. She has worked with people who are underrepresented in community and corporate settings including in science and engineering, health, the voluntary sector, higher education, and social care services. Ayo is an Independent Advisor to Citizens Advice on equalities issues and founded the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff network.