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Spotted Lanternfly Management and the Latest Research
Spotted lanternfly is continuing to spread to new regions of the country and will impact communities, property owners, and homeowners. Managing this pest for your clients will be critical to ensuring that their properties are protected from honeydew and sooty mold damage caused by the feeding of this insect. The health of your client’s trees will also be impacted without proper protection leaving them more susceptible to other environmental issues.

In this presentation, we'll discuss the best management practices for spotted lanternfly including:
- What is spotted lanternfly? Biology, lifecycle, signs and symptoms
- Factors for determining appropriate management strategies on your client’s property
- Determining the best management options and plan for your client
- The latest in SLF spread and research

Mark Ware, Northeast Arborologist, Rainbow
Before joining Rainbow, Mark spent over ten years in the industry, including eight years with a national tree care company, gaining experience in general tree work, utility forestry, and plant health care. His educational background is in landscape construction and ornamental horticulture. His role as Arborologist is to provide education, training, and technical support for Rainbow's customers.


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