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The Future is Bright: Navigating Towards a Secure Cloud Transformation
The cloud brings the promise of accelerating your business, but it comes with its own risks. Many organizations are not as secure as they think they are, attacks are increasing in sophistication, budgets are under scrutiny, and adversaries are rapidly morphing their tactics.
Keeping your cloud secure is a constantly evolving challenge, and cybersecurity effectiveness needs to be objectively measured on an ongoing basis, not only to ensure the systems and tools in place are reducing an organization’s exposure to cloud risk, but also to support CISOs who are being asked to measurably improve and demonstrate the value of their security investments to key stakeholders.
At FireEye Mandiant, we’ve responded to many kinds of cloud breaches and protected customers in many clouds, evaluating organizations’ current security state and recommending hardening priorities for assets on the most popular cloud platforms.

Join us in an interactive roundtable with David Grout, CTO, EMEA, FireEye and Marco Riboli, VP Sales Southern Europe & BeLux, to discuss and gain insights into:
- Get the latest insights on Recent Cyber Attacks and Trends.
- Discover how to improve cyber defenses through an Intelligence-Driven Security Validation approach.
- Help customers to manage their Transformation to Cloud Security.

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