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Timber Product Inspection - Discussing the American Grading System
The event will be a panel discussion with our guests - David Conner (Senior Vice President Operations, TPI) and his colleague Robin Lillandt (Senior European Representative, TPI). Together they can give a comprehensive overview of the timber grading rules, their history,  function, application, sawmill qualification process, inspection and more. 

This webinar will follow the below structure: 

- Introduction of Timber Products Inspection
- What led to the creation of the American Lumber Standard Committee (discussing ALSC’s history and their current day to day function)
- Why do we have grade rules (discussing the US building code system’s International Building Code (IBC) and the - National Grade Rule (NGR))
- How are the grade rules created and published (discussing NGR committee and the rules-writing agencies)
- How are design values established for dimension lumber (discussing ASTM D1990 process)
- What are the phytosanitary requirements for lumber imported into the US
- What is the qualification process
- How does a monthly routine inspection work
- What does ALSC do during their routine inspection

Followed by a Q&A session with the audience

Looking forward to meeting you at the Webinar!
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