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Talkshow by AviaDev Europe: Sky Heroes. The Christmas Edition
These heroes are slightly different. They are not going to save the world. But if you´re interested in aviation and you need a little break, they might save your day. Because they breathe the aviation industry inside out. They have an opinion and they are not afraid to use it.

Moderated by Juraj Toth, Managing Director, AviaDev Europe

Dec 21, 2021 12:00 PM in London

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John Grant
Partner @MIDAS Aviation & AviaDev Consult
I ‘stumbled’ into aviation and some would say am still stumbling my way through! An opportunity to play cricket around the world whilst working for an airline seemed too good an opportunity to miss. But once I’d started and worked through the basics of airline revenue accounting, fare calculations, three letter airport codes and seen how the business work it became a fascinating opportunity for a career in which I’ve met and been inspired by some amazing experiences. I’ve been fortunate to work across every part of the aviation sector, market research, marketing (oh those Caledonian Girls!), commercial planning, sales, network planning, major airline rebrand, airport operations and business transformation. In all of those exciting roles the one thing I have learnt is the power and knowledge that a good awareness of data brings, great data provides great insight and power; and to those that taught me that lesson, thank you!
Max Oldorf
CCO @Ch-aviation
CCO & co-founder at CH-aviation, a true avgeek with a special place in his heart for some of the weirdest aircraft you can think of, including Saab 2000 or Yak-40.
Juraj Toth
Managing Director @AviaDev Europe
Juraj Toth Managing Director, AviaDev Europe Juraj is a passionate aviation marketer who believes flying is a force of good. He worked for Košice Airport, Slovakia for 7 years. He built the marketing department from scratch and was responsible for creating and implementing marketing strategies that totally repositioned the airport. Juraj played a leading role within the airport team focused on air service development that managed to bring several new airlines to Košice. Since June 2018 he´s been enjoying his new role with AviaDev. In May 2019 he was appointed as Managing Director for AviaDev Europe. Juraj is also hosting the only podcast dedicated to European regional aviation: AviaDev Insight Europe Podcast.
Hans Joergen Elnaes
Independent Aviation Analyst
Independent aviation analyst from Norway with experience from wide spectrum of airlines, including Ryanair and Qatar Airways – you can´t really get two airlines who are more different from each other than these two. Hans delivers regular updates from the world of aviation for a selection of Scandinavian TV stations.