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EA's Inclusive Design Framework: Greater diversity and authentic representation in videogames
Join us for a webinar with special guest Tülay Tetiker McNally!

The Inclusive Design Framework is a practice that many development teams across Electronic Arts use. It is intended to help guide developers to create inclusive player experiences that enable greater cultural and diverse representation in our games. We will discuss how teams work with ERG’s and share examples from games such as FIFA and The Sims, in order to inspire you to join the movement.

The primary target audience for this talk will be anyone who is involved in the product development process. It can also inspire anyone who is part of an Employee Resource Group to think of creative ways to involve employees of diverse background in the product development process.

By the end of the session, attendees will:
 Be equipped with ideas and real-world examples how we can portray characters with diverse background authentically and how we can avoid unconscious bias during the creative process
 Have a better overview of inclusion in videogames and how it can reduce toxic behavior within gaming communities
 Have a good overview through specific examples how EA is applying inclusive design in their games
 Learn about lesson’s learned ad adjustments we have made since we first started with this work, based on product reception and employee feedback

My name is Tülay Tetiker McNally and I’m a Sr Development Director at EA, based out of Stockholm. I've been with EA for almost 10 years and I spent my first 8 years heading up QV and central development operations at BioWare, based in Edmonton and with teams across Edmonton, Montreal and Austin.
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