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Chinese Timber Market - Analysing Dynamics, Performance & Outlook
This webinar aims to give a comprehensive overview of the current situation on the Chinese timber market covering a variety of aspects. Our three guest experts will give their professional outlooks on how is the Chinese market connected to other global markets, the effects the Covid-19 pandemic has had on logistics and consumption, new technologies on the market and much more.

• What are the top sectors consuming wood today in China?
• Is todays consumption level normal compared to before the pandemic?
• Now when the price of timber is so volatile, how does it affect export business and volumes to China?
• Now when the price and supply of timber is so volatile, how does it affect business in the domestic market?
• China imports both logs and lumber. How do the two markets affect each other?
• How is the Russian log export ban already affecting the market?
• What about the new quarantine restriction on imported pine wood? What is that and why was it implemented?
• Do you think the European or MENA markets have an effect on the Chinese market? What global market indicators do Chinese companies track?
• To understand the Chinese market, foreigners often look at the inventory in Shanghai and CIF price of Russian timber, are those good indicators of market performance?
• Has the timber market been affected by logistics issues during the pandemic?
• How do you think the timber market consumption levels and prices will develop until summer?
• How does the Chinese timber market use technology?
• What technology and smart tools would you like to see to automate your work in import and export?

Followed by a Q&A session with the audience

***The webinar will be recorded and the recording made available after the event***


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