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Driving for Neurodiverse Learners
A driving license means so much more than simply being able to drive. It represents freedom and independence and is a sign of adulthood. For the average person, learning to drive can be both an intimidating and a liberating experience. For an autistic person or those with ADHD, executive functioning challenges, anxiety or other learning disabilities, driving may seem out of reach. Andrew Arboe, a self-advocate with ASD and the founder of Driving with Autism, will share his experience going from not wanting to drive at all to being an expert behind the wheel. He will address the needs of neurodiverse teens and young adults as they contemplate becoming a licensed driver: motivation, parent and school involvement, the permit test, driver’s ed, license issues, sensory issues, disruptions, scripting, being pulled over, and driving on your own.

Driving with Autism is a paid driver-readiness webinar series that helps instill confidence in those who want to drive. Their team of highly trained occupational therapists, specially certified driving instructors, and Autism Transition Consultants, who are program alumni, works to understand each person’s individual fears, anxieties and triggers and to build a customized approach to help them get their license.

Mar 15, 2023 10:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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