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Preparing Your Business for the EU and German Supply Chain Due Diligence Acts
We at Leadership & Sustainability aim to provide you with guidance on the European and German Supply Chain Due Diligence Acts. Breaking down the requirements for businesses, who it applies to, and how to prepare for when it comes into force in January 2023.

The laws will apply to a great number of companies from a variety of sectors. Also, the mandatory laws will lead to companies having to make considerable adjustments in compliance, contract design with supplier companies, and purchasing. For this purpose, the webinar aims to provide recommendations for enterprises on how to implement due diligence according to the act in their own operations and in their supply chains.

This webinar will provide valuable resources for all enterprises that are seeking to implement SCDDA standards in accordance with one of the Acts. Therefore, it aims

• to examine the extent to which enterprises will be affected by the Supply Chain Acts;
• to give an overview of the implementation of required measures and processes to comply with the German SCDDA;
• To explore potential positive effects of the law as a means to improve standards of production regarding human and labour rights, environment, and climate.

Please contact us at info@leadership-sustainability.com if you have any questions related to the webinars or if you would like to work with us on a supply chain related project.

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Karin Ekberg
CEO & Founder @Leadership & Sustainability
Sıla Durukan Yeşilyurt
Senior Sustainability Manager @Leadership & Sustainability