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Adopting Cloud Quicker with Micro Focus Universal Discovery & CMDB
You can’t effectively manage what you don’t know about. That’s why gaining full visibility of all your resources—including cloud resources—is so important.

But that’s easier said than done when you’re looking at different configuration views offered by different cloud platforms when you need to capture critical info that multiple teams add to cloud tags. And when you’re simultaneously tracking on-premises and remote assets.

Join our webinar to learn how Micro Focus Universal Discovery and CMDB deliver complete visibility across multi-cloud, on-premises, containerized, and work-from-home environments. The result—faster cloud migration and stronger management of your IT assets.

We will be taking a look at:
- Multi-cloud and hybrid strategies within digital transformation
- The tension between now and new when looking to deliver new services
- Challenges that slow the move to the cloud
- How to plan, build & deliver your cloud transformation strategy


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