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Career Champions: Helping employees and job seekers reflect on their career plan (Host: BC)
In normal circumstances, after a milestone, challenge, or success, we often find ourselves thinking back and wondering what we could have done better, what went well, and what different decisions could have been made. In the wake of COVID-19, or any large-scale event of this nature where people have had time to reflect, it is then no surprise to see data pointing to “mass resignations”. For example, a survey by Lighthouse Labs found that 57% of Canadians would change careers if given the opportunity, which for many is the pandemic.

Employees’ expectations have shifted as a result of the pandemic. IBM’s global survey shows that employees prioritize work-life balance (51%), career advancement opportunities (43%), compensation and benefits (41%), employer ethics and values (41%) and continuous learning opportunities (36%). Similarly, the pandemic has impacted student and prospective employee expectations, increasing demand for career-oriented programs, internship and post-graduate work opportunities, career counseling resources, and upskilling courses.

These changing expectations and increasing self-reflection are not a bad omen however. Reflection helps us gain insight from past experiences and better understand our own strengths, skills gaps, passions, and aspirations. Reflecting as a group or organization also enhances the lessons learned by exploring additional perspectives which can often reveal new insights and innovative solutions.

Join leaders as they share their personal and organizational experiences and learnings on the importance of reflection as it relates to career planning and organizational resourcing, and as a means of building future ready communities, employers, employees, and job seekers.

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Sep 15, 2022 01:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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