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Surviving & Thriving During Crisis - what you need to know
This will be a 60 min webinar 12:30-1:30p central time.
Please attend all or only the parts you want.

They will be as follows:
First 30 min. 12:30-1:00 central: What actions to take right now to win

A glimpse into the future; What you can do RIGHT NOW to come out stronger on the other side
Advanced practice - success strategies
Working on long term vs. short term objectives and how to do it

The last 30-60 minutes depending on need; Crisis updates, review and help

Government news and compliance updates.
We will look at the actual demands made of you by the government
when they investigate a compliance issue;
How would you ‘stack up’ in your own crisis?
Clarifications regarding the new stimulus package and how it effects YOU
Creating a crisis mission statement
What you have to offer that patients
won’t hear on the evening news and
how to talk to them without getting in trouble.

Last 10 minutes of that hour
Tweaks to our products and services to help with the crisis.
We have many no charge white papers etc. distributed to people that attend the webinar, there are many additional benefits we have added to our products, at no additional charge, to help with the crisis and we have one major discount/payment plan offer for those who want us to build them a program while they have time but no or less money. Jump on and learn about it!

Feb 3, 2022 12:30 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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