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How to turn Imposter Syndrome into a superpower and hit your 2023 goals
Each year do you plan to achieve your career and life goals, but something comes up or you hold yourself back…here is how to make it happen in 2023

New year can be a tricky time, you’ve had a break from work and re-evaluated what you want, you’ve likely had a few new years resolution ideas (but know they won’t stick), where and how do you start when the biggest thing holding you back…

Is you!

If you are an IT professional who constantly feels the pressure to succeed while being worried that you're not good enough, this is for you.

EXCLUSIVE FREE WORKSHOP: IMPOSTER SYNDROME: How to turn Imposter Syndrome into a superpower and hit your 2023 goals

Learn what are the sign, symptoms and causes of Imposter Syndrome.

Start to understand the positive traits and how you can use them to progress your career.

How, to control the negative emotions and actions that Imposter Syndrome can bring on.

As always, we’re focusing on actionable insights and habits to enable you to be the best you can be.

During the session we'll help you learn how to realise you're great at your job, stop questioning yourself, and be confident in your life.

Then, how you can achieve the career and life goals you set for yourself!

(Without having to work even more hours)

... It's time to use the power of Imposter Syndrome without the drawbacks.


✔ Learn actionable tools to overcome the negative self-talk that is holding you back

✔ Adopt and implement habits that will allow you to excel in work and life

✔ Discover my personal story and realise the truth that 'it's not just you'

Feb 9, 2023 12:00 PM in London

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