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Facing Forward Launch : Amplifying the stories of the global NCD community to inspire change
After the outstanding performance of the Turning the Tide series, reaching 128.5 million impressions across BBC.com audiences from February 2020 to February 2021, the NCD Alliance and partners are now launching a second series, Facing Forward produced by BBC StoryWorks. This second series will continue to raise awareness of NCDs and highlight the stories of people who are living with NCDs across the globe, as well as those of the communities, institutions and private sector who are leading the way to prevent and control NCDs.

Facing Forward is a series of 25 short films and 10 articles from Lebanon, Ghana, Guinea, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Kenya, Thailand and the Pacific Islands, amongst other countries. The pre-launch of this campaign will take place on 8 September, during the Global Week for Action on NCDs, and the first set of short films will be published on 28 September, which is highlighted through this launch event and panel discussion. A second set of mini-films will be published on 17 November 2021. The Facing Forward campaign will continue over 12 months. All the short films and articles will be available on both BBC.com and ncdalliance.org.

In this panel, we will share experiences and insights from the global NCD community, and consider how, by amplifying the stories of those affected by health issues, we can increase attention on the burden of NCDs, and inspire long lasting change. Themes and topics to be discussed include:

- Building demand for action through transformative social movements and voices of change;
- Creating compelling stories and increasing media attention for NCDs;
- Amplifying the voices, experiences and insights of those affected by health issues;
- Highlighting the ways in which civil society is leveraging multisectoral action and inclusive partnerships to deliver results;
- Building demand for more meaningful involvement of people living with NCDs in decision-making processes affecting their health.

Sep 28, 2021 01:00 PM in London

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