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How Advanced Metal AM Can Provide the Space Industry with a Galaxy of Innovation
We’re witnessing a renaissance in the space industry. Today, there are more than 300 companies developing next generation launch vehicles. Ten years ago, that number was roughly 12. As stalwarts such as SpaceX and Blue Origin achieve high levels of success, an entire “NewSpace” industry is riding their wake trying to compete and gain the competitive edge with their own innovations.

As the competition for investment funds intensifies, and the pressure to move beyond the whiteboard and manufacture real working parts increases, it’s no secret that the most successful companies will be those that take advantage of the latest breakthroughs in metal additive manufacturing to design, test, and manufacture with unprecedented speed and agility.

Join Ali Baghchehsara, Founder & President of Plasmos and Brent Hansen, Technical Business Development Manager from Velo3D as they discuss the advancements in metal AM and explore how the Velo3D end-to-end solution can provide the innovation in part manufacturing and supply chain flexibility to enable the required advances in the emerging entrepreneurial space sector.

This interactive session will be moderated by 3dprint.com’s Joris Peels. Register today and be sure to bring you questions.


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Ali Baghchehsara
Founder & President @Plasmos
Ali is an entrepreneur & corporate leader who has a deep understanding in Artificial Intelligence, and autonomous systems and has applied variety of solutions and new concepts in automotive, aerospace, and cognitive science branches. His efforts have been recognized by the Royal Aeronautical Society (2014), and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (2015). He has started 3 companies, utilizing AI for Aerospace industry, but also started a VC to fund disruptive companies that generic VCs won’t. He has designed the first Autonomous System for Distress Tracking in Airbus & commercial aircraft. In 2015 he influenced aerospace education with a book called “Fundamentals of Aerospace Engineering (Beginners Guide)” - which became best seller in Dec 2020. Ali holds a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and Masters in Aeronautics and Management. Presently he is building a Space Propulsion company powering interplanetary trips and in-space transportation in a nimble and economic way.
Brent Hansen
Technical Business Development Manager @Velo3D
Brent Hansen is a Technical Business Development Manager at Velo3D. Prior to joining Velo3D, he worked as a manufacturing engineer at Lockheed Martin Space Systems, design engineer at NuVasive, and an additive manufacturing applications engineer at General Atomics. Brent brings to his role an extensive background in additive manufacturing engineering and design expertise. Some of the parts he has printed can be found in space, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and even in people’s spines. Brent holds a Manufacturing Engineering Technology degree from Brigham Young University. In his free time, Brent enjoys playing with his kids, mountain biking, surfing, and spending time outdoors.
Joris Peels
Executive Editor @3DPrint.com
Since 2017 Joris Peels has worked with 3DPrint.com, first as Editor-in-Chief, and now as Executive Editor. Joris is also VP Consulting, SmarTech Analysis, sister company of 3DPrint.com. Joris is a Netherlands-based 3D printing consultant for strategy, business development and marketing in Additive Manufacturing. Joris performs technical due diligence, market research and competitive analysis for consultants, analysts, multinationals, VC’s, PE and hedge funds. Joris has worked in 3D printing for more than a dozen years, for Shapeways, Materialise, Formlabs, Ultimaker, HP and others. Joris lives, eats, sleeps and dreams 3D Printing and tries to give a dose of realism and truth to the hype surrounding 3D printing.