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Towards a global sharing economy (part 2)
The imperative of change - Towards a sane and just world
A perspective in light of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings

Towards a global sharing economy - part two
Saturday 11 December 2021, 19.00 UTC 11am PST 2pm EST 7pm GMT 8pm CET

Can our broken system, based on competition, commercialization and environmental destruction, be fixed?

- Could unprecedented global economic inequality be the catalyst for a new era of economic justice?
- What urgent changes can provide people’s basic material needs nationally and internationally?
- How can we build economic and social systems based on cooperation, participation, ecological sustainability and justice?

Scott Champion (USA), Sébastien Villemot (France), Luc Guillory (France) in conversation with Felicity Eliot (UK/Netherlands)

The panellists will explore these issues from a background of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. This ancient tradition was brought up to date by Benjamin Creme (1922-2016) with information about the emergence into the centre of global affairs of Maitreya the World Teacher and the Masters of Wisdom.
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