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Building the World's Tallest Tree-Covered Skyscraper
Join this LIVE chat with the team behind Australia’s tallest new building!

Skyscrapers don’t get much cooler than this.

The new STH BNK by Beulah tower is set to rise 365-metres above Melbourne. Designed by UN Studio and Cox Architecture, the structure will be planted with more than 5.5 kilometres of greenery across its levels, making it the first “supertall” vertical garden ever constructed.

But making Australia’s new tallest building a reality is far from easy - and the team is dealing with extreme height, tough site conditions, remote working, international media attention and the small matter of successfully growing plants in the sky.

Our exclusive chat with the experts behind the project will explore all of these challenges and more. You’ll learn more about the structure, get an update on how the project is progressing and discover how the team is using digital technologies to collaborate across continents. You’ll also be able to ask questions in an open Q&A.

The event will follow the release of The B1M’s new documentary, produced in partnership with Bluebeam - “Building the World’s Tallest Tree-Covered Skyscraper” - on 27 October.

The live chat will be hosted by The B1M's Fred Mills and feature expert insight from:

Luke Thornton - Beulah
Sander Versluis - UNStudio
Julian McNeill - AECOM
Michael Nielsen - AECOM
Shanoc Halliday - Bluebeam

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