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ASD Worskhop Series: The Importance of Sensory Validation and How Sensory Processing Impacts Behavior and Learning
We are demanding more from our kids than ever before in school. While the academic
demands have changed, what hasn’t changed is the course of human development. Current
advances in neuroscience have taught us so much about how the brain works and what kids
need so they can feel safe, regulated and ready to participate. In order to best support our kids, we need to consider where they are, both physiologically and emotionally, when we’re engaged with them.

Teachers, parents & caretakers, therapists or other community professionals who support autistic people or anyone struggling with sensory issues or challenging behavior are invited to attend this this 2 hour workshop. This workshop will review sensory processing, Autistic sensory processing, and how sensorimotor development impacts a child’s behavior and their ability to meet expectations at home and in the classroom. We will discuss traditional “behavior management” approaches and present new, proactive ideas that teach children the skills they need to do well in school, because kids always want to do well. Participants will see “behaviors” through new lenses and provide the strategies necessary to help kids show us just how capable, and sensational, they are.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this workshop participants will:

1. Learn about the different sensory systems and how it impacts development, motor skills and
school performance

2. Understand when sensory processing or environmental stressors are impacting behavior and
learn practical strategies to help better support students.

3. Become more skilled at identifying self-regulation challenges and implement realistic strategies
to help kids meet expectations.
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