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Strategies For Managing Foliar Leaf Diseases: Reducing Your Stress While Keeping Predictable Control
Managing foliar leaf diseases with a foliar spray fungicide program remains the most predictable strategy for maintaining plant health. However, achieving success with a multiple foliar spray application is fraught with challenges. Whether selection of products is limited because of equipment or property owner preference, timing the sprays with wind or other weather events, or having the labor available to adequately time applications, foliar applications can be challenging to complete. During this webinar we will discuss multiple practical strategies for improving success with foliar sprays by improving fungicide selection, alleviating competing demand for equipment and applicators, and many others. Coming out of this webinar you will understand how fungicide active ingredients can be leveraged to extend spray cycles and how to use other materials for other pests to reduce your overall spray program.

Chris Haugen, Assistant Director of Sales, Rainbow
Chris support and manages Rainbow's Territory Managers. Chris is an ISA Certified Arborist who has spent six years’ time climbing and pruning trees. Chris earned his BS degree from St. John’s University in Environmental Studies and MS degree from the University of Minnesota in Applied Plant Sciences with an urban forestry related thesis.


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