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Communities Discriminated on Work and Descent In Democracy and Modern Slavery
DWD communities face several democratic issues in their respective countries. Especially in South Asia, the current persecution of Hindus, mostly Dalits, in Bangladesh is alarmingly high and questions the essence of democratic values as Bangladesh does not formally recognize discrimination based on work and descent. In India, Dalits have been kept away from enjoying the fruits of democracy due to their social exclusion since centuries. More than facing discrimination, Dalits in India face inequalities and are deprived of land ownership, housing, education, employment, healthcare, social security, decision making and often face violence. In Nepal, almost half of Dalit population live below poverty line making them more vulnerable to social and cultural exclusion whereas, in Pakistan Hindu and Christian Dalits often face violence, abductions forced conversions and often forced into sanitation jobs and manual scavenging. Sri Lanka’s tea plantation workers, formerly Tamil Dalits are not recognized under any special protection measures or policies and often deprived of taking part in the process of democracy due to their non-recognition by the State.

The event attempts to bring activists and advocates of CDWD rights from the Asian region. The objective of the event is to bring them together, navigate solutions to the injustices such as modern-day slavery and issues CDWD face and demand justice and democratic rights of DWD communities including the Dalits in South Asia and strengthen and uphold democratic values in the region through inclusiveness.

Nov 20, 2021 11:00 AM in India

Asia Democracy Network - Promoting and Protecting Democracy in Asia
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