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AI Content Sucks: A Discussion [Monthly ML Madness]
Jess Peck, ML engineer at Local SEO guide, will be joined by SEO Data scientist and Founder of Content Curator, Alton Alexander, and Founder at Daedalus Information Systems, Marianne Sweeny, to discuss what you need to know about AI content’s benefits and limitations.

Despite all the hype about GPT3 Chat lots of Al content leaves a lot to be desired. But, it can be used very effectively in many circumstances. In this discussion, the panel will cover the uses and abuses of using AI to generate content and how you can be using it successfully for content needs.

The panel will be asking important questions about the role of AI for content such as:

*Does all AI content suck?
*How can ML content be used effectively?
*Where is it being used successfully?
*How are you (our guests) using or abusing new tech like GPT-3
*What is the future there?

Along with their unique insights on AI you’ll walk away with a better understanding of topics like:
*How to avoid getting suckered in by the hype
*How AI content can fail and shine
*Real examples of how you can implement AI content solutions
*How might AI evolve in the foreseeable future


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