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Verity Price
What does it take to be the first?

Her talent for ‘acting out the box’ rather than merely ‘thinking out’ of it, has brought international success for Verity, speaking globally on innovation and thinking differently, which includes two TEDx Talks.

As the Toastmasters 2021 World Champion, Verity captured the judges, and thousands of peoples imagination with her winning speech ‘A Great Read’ – an inspiring invitation to improve our lives by “writing a different story”. Helping people do just that, is Verity’s passion.

With a degree in Psychology and Anthropology from UCT, as an accredited De Bono Six Thinking Hats facilitator and an advocate for Positive Psychology, Verity believes passionately that change happens when teams have the confidence to create new ideas. She has crafted speeches and workshops to grow this ability with measurable, exponential success over the last decade.

Aug 4, 2022 09:00 AM in Johannesburg

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Verity Price
Way back in 2005, Verity Price started her journey as the first South African musician with the tenacious foresight to get online crowd funding for an album she hadn’t even recorded yet. Fifteen years later, and a career glittered with accolades, brings us to 2021 and Verity’s latest big first – first speaker from Africa to ever be crowned the World Champion of Public Speaking and the 6th woman in history.