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Fetal Examination and Central Nervous System
Peru-Mexico-Chicago 06.00, New York-Baltimore 07.00, Brazil-Argentina 09.00, UK 12.00, Nigeria-Rome-Madrid 13.00, Istanbul 16.00, India 17.30, Indonesia 19.00, Beijing-Manila 20.00, Japan 21.00

Coordinators: Cihat Sen, Valentina De Robertis
Technical aspects in the evaluation of the CNS I.Timor
US evaluation of fetal brain anatomy in each trimester V.De Robertis
Spine evaluation A.Monteagudo
Pre-recorded Demo Live: How to scan the spine? R.Birnbaum
Coffee and discussion

Skull ossification and fetal head shape S.Boito
Advantages and disadvantages of axial planes R.Birnbaum
Hemispheres, falx and thalami F.D’Antonio
Sylvian fissure R.Pooh
Pre-recorded Demo Live: How to scan the hemispheres and the Sylvian fissure R.Pooh
Coffee and discussion

Cavum septi pellucidi R.Chaoui
Lateral ventricles: Anterior horns A.Galindo
Lateral ventricles: Posterior horns I.Timor
Corpus Callosum C.Sen
Pre-recorded Demo Live: How to scan the corpus callosum and lateral ventricles? N.Volpe
Coffee and discussion

Cerebellum A.Khalil
Vermian development P.Volpe
Cisterna Magna N.Volpe
Pre-recorded Demo live: How to scan the posterior fossa anatomy and its content? V.De Robertis
Coffee and discussion

Nov 26, 2021 03:00 PM in Istanbul

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