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Thesis Defense - Sijing Xue (Prof. Arjan W. Kleij Group)
Quaternary carbon stereocenters are ubiquitous in bioactive and pharmaceutically relevant molecules. However, the construction of C-C bonds leading to chiral quaternary carbons still remains underdeveloped. Our group has explored allylic substitution reactions by employing vinyl cyclic carbonates (VCCs) as privileged substrate motifs, thereby enabling the versatile formation of stereo-defined building blocks. However, at the time of the start of this thesis work, the focus had been merely on preparative methods giving rise to tetrasubstituted C-X (X = N, B, S and O) bonds. Therefore, in order to expand the repertoire of methodologies that lead to sterically demanding carbon centers, the main objective of this doctoral dissertation was the development of novel enantioselective and/or diastereoselective synthetic protocols that involve C-C bond formations while leading to quaternary carbon stereocenters via dual TM catalyzed or dual photoredox/TM catalyzed allylic alkylation reactions [...]

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Dec 10, 2021 09:00 AM in Madrid

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