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CE Course - The Veterinarian's Guide to Antioxidants for Dogs
The first 15% of the course will discuss the formation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) (i.e. Superoxide Anion, Hydrogen Peroxide), sources of oxidants (i.e. heavy metals, UV), the molecular impact of ROS (i.e. protein misfolding, DNA damage, lipid peroxidation), enzymatic scavengers of ROS and an overview of the clinical impact of oxidative stress with two detailed examples that cover cancer and type 2 diabetes.

The remaining 85% of the course will discuss examples of veterinary clinical trials involving antioxidants. Some of the antioxidants that will be discussed will include (1) Anthocyanins (2) Astaxanthin (3) Lutein (4) Zeaxanthin (5) Melatonin (6) Resveratrol (7) Vitamin E (8) Alpa-Lipoic Acid and (9) Beta-Carotene.

The specific clinical studies discussed will relate to the application of antioxidants on (1) canine innate immunity (polymorphonuclear leucocyte phagocytosis) (2) reactive oxygen metabolites (3) DNA damage (4) canine cognition (5) obesity-related oxidative stress (6) mitochondrial dysfunction (7) tooth removal oxidative stress (8) canine vision (retinal function and refractive error) and (9) muscle atrophy following TPLO surgery.

Sep 17, 2021 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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