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Louisiana DEQ Regulations for Truckers
Presented by the LMTA's Safety Management Council

Drivers in the trucking industry are regulated by many government agencies, especially when it comes to an accidental spill or hazmat related incident. When it happens, do you know exactly who you are supposed to call? State Police, DEQ, or another agency? Find out!

Join us as we meet with Jeff Dauzet, with the DEQ's Emergency & Radiological Services Division, as we discuss the reporting requirements and follow up procedures required after a hazmat incident. We will also be joined by Jerry Lang, Brad Schexnayder and Cindy LaFosse to provide additional information for those in the transportation industry.

We invite all those who interact with hazmat materials, or who are interested in preparing for the unexpected, to join us for this webinar. Please bring any of your questions or concerns for our speakers to answer!


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