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Digital Payments for Businesses Online Summit
The nature of how people interact with money is changing as more individuals choose digital payments over cash, which has important ramifications for businesses. Digital payments are enabling both established businesses to grow and broaden their customer bases as well as new firms to connect with consumers in new ways. Many people think of the future of money as a digital utopia. A truly cashless society is one in which all financial transactions are conducted entirely digitally.

Progressive crises, most notably the development of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, have accelerated fundamental changes in how we manage and govern money. As a result, traditional banks and physical cash is increasingly losing out to digital currencies and challenger FinTechs.

Digital payments have gone from uncommon to commonplace in just a few decades. In reality, for many, the debate is now how to make payments faster, better, and more secure rather than whether we should embrace digital payments.

Peer-to-peer payments, mobile wallets, mobile point-of-sale devices, and digital coins are just a few of the digital payment systems that are becoming more widely available. Each system promises transparency, efficiency, and convenience to businesses and customers. In essence, the advantages of digitizing the payment process are that, in theory, anyone with a smartphone may make cross-border payments and purchases quickly and affordably. On the other hand, despite all the noteworthy benefits of the range of digital payment options, their interoperability, and integration by enterprises present a considerable obstacle. Users could need to use several services in the future when digital payments are generally accepted and the norm, which could have long-term effects like decreasing the usefulness of such payments. Learn more about these emerging digital payments technologies at our upcoming webinar "Digital Payments for Businesses", join us


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