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Inside The World's Largest Nuclear Fusion Reactor
This could be the most important construction project of our lifetimes.

The B1M travelled to France to step foot inside what will be the world’s largest nuclear fusion reactor, called ITER.

The aim is to use nuclear fusion, the process which powers the sun, to generate carbon-free energy. To do that, scientists need a 23,000 tonne machine that can withstand temperatures both hotter than the centre of the sun and colder than the surface of Pluto.

This really is the ultimate construction project. Scientists and engineers from 35 nations have all come together to try and create an entirely new energy source for the future. If they’re successful, this team could change the world as we know it.

This exclusive chat with industry experts will follow the release of The B1M’s new documentary, produced in partnership with Thinkproject — “Inside the World’s Largest Nuclear Fusion Reactor” — on 13 April.

The live event is an unprecedented chance to dive deeper into the story. We’ll debate the main points of the documentary and hear from our panel on the opportunities and challenges this project raises. You’ll also learn how digital collaboration tools are playing a critical role in active infrastructure projects like ITER and get the chance to question the experts in an open Q&A.

Presented by The B1M in partnership with Thinkproject, the panel will be hosted by The B1M's Fred Mills and feature expert insight from:

Colette Ricketts – ITER
Sergio Orlandi – ITER
Adam Lamping - Thinkproject

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