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Navigating the surrogacy labyrinth: the ethical, legal and psychological dimensions for children; chaired by Sally Davies
Surrogacy – where the person who gestates and gives birth to a child is not the intended parent – is on the rise around the world. Fuelled by assisted reproductive technologies and the growing acceptability of alternative family structures, the practice is controversial and in urgent need of attention and reform. This Meetup will touch on the constellation of ways that children can be born of surrogacy arrangements (including the use of donor gametes), and the implications of this diversity for their wellbeing, rights and the regulations required to protect them. It will address questions such as: What ethical questions does the practice raise? What can the history of international adoption teach us about the importance of transparency and safeguarding? How are children born of surrogates likely to have made meaning of their experience? What kinds of reforms are necessary to protect children’s rights – and is a rights framework itself sufficient to raise the likelihood of a positive outcome for children?

May 31, 2022 03:00 PM in Zurich

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