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General Services Administration Multiple Award Schedule Program (GSA MAS)
Instructor: Alex McCracken, California Capital PTAC Procurement Counselor

California Capital PTAC offers a 90-minute hands-on Webinar focusing on the General Services Administration Multiple Award Schedule Program (GSA MAS).

General Services Administration (GSA) is the federal agency that manages the buying and selling of goods and services through a variety of contract vehicles. The GSA Multiple Award Schedule Program (GSA MAS), is one of those contract vehicles. California Capital PTAC is offering a workshop focusing on the GSA MAS Program. Our 90-minute Webinar will provide insight regarding the overall GSA MAS Program and the steps to submit an offer.

Contractors who are awarded a GSA MAS are part of a pool of suppliers. Agencies who use the GSA MAS Program can solicit offers from the pool they are using. Once a contractor is awarded a GSA MAS, the contractor can leverage that award with various states and local government buyers.

This workshop will include:

1. What is the GSA MAS Program
2. Determine if GSA MAS Program is right for your company
3. Prepare your company to submit for GSA MAS Program
4. Assembling Your Offer
5. Finalizing and Submitting Your Offer
6. Marketing and Selling
7. Reporting Requirements
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