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Data & Diversity: a data-driven approach to DEI recruiting.
Failing with diversity recruiting?

Practicing data-driven recruitment can change that. The subject of DEI can be very theoretical, but using data to implement DEI in your hiring process can be the key to going from theory to action.

What data could be important?

- Knowing where candidates come from for each role.
- Keeping track of which of your recruitment sources attract a high volume of diverse candidates and adjust your resources accordingly.
- Point out the number of diverse hiring and setting up goals to improve those numbers

Join our Talking Talent Talk to discuss about the biggest challenges on using data to hire diverse teams, as well as what could be some of the best practices and in order to become more data-driven and bring a bigger impact to DEI hiring in your company.

Our panelists will be:

✅ Anya Vonorova - Senior Manager - Tech Recruitment at SoundCloud
✅ Fleur Melkert - Co-Founder & CCO at Equalture

Angela Ndagire, Embedded Recruitment Manager and Talent Development Manager at ACELR8, will be our host!

Come learn and share with us!


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