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Satellite safety: improving conjunction assessments and forecasting - with Vyoma
A live demo exploring how exclusive observational data can help satellite operators make more informed decisions.

Most of the operators today rely on space-track.org for the flight safety of their satellites. It gives access to collision warnings, and in some cases collision probabilities, and it does so for free.

However, there is little insight into when the next update of the collision probability is available, leaving operators with the difficult task of taking decisions on costly avoidance maneuvers based on insufficient data.

In this live demo, Dr. Stefan Frey CEO of Vyoma GmbH will show how Vyoma’s Collision Avoidance Service is combined with its On-Demand Tracking capabilities to ensure timely data for satellite operators about high-risk conjunction events.

More timely access to data allows satellite operators to save unnecessary avoidance maneuvers and keep their services online.

Vyoma GmbH aims to ensure safe passage through space – for everyone. By addressing some of the pain points plaguing the satellite industry today (e.g. the lack of timely data and the high complexity of operations) Vyoma reduces costs in operations and time-to-market for future operators.

Based on its expertise in astrodynamics and artificial intelligence (AI), Vyoma is currently building the most accurate twin model of the space environment, providing automation services to satellites, and shrinking operations centers to the size of a tablet!

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