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Fireside Chat: AdTheorent Holding Company, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADTH) CEO Jim Lawson
Please join us for a conversation with AdTheorent CEO Jim Lawson on October 25, 2022, at 1:00 pm EDT to discuss:

• The Digiday + AdTheorent State of Programmatic Industry Report, which highlights key trends in programmatic advertising, including marketer budget allocations, preferred transaction models and top forward-looking priorities.
• AdTheorent’s developments in the Healthcare vertical and its differentiators in the space as well as exciting new technological and product developments.
• An update on AdTheorent’s Connected TV (CTV), including 2022 progress and AdTheorent’s market-leading efforts to make CTV a performance channel.


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About AdTheorent
AdTheorent is a leading programmatic digital advertising company using advanced machine learning technology and privacy-forward solutions to deliver measurable value for advertisers and marketers. Put simply, the company uses machine learning and data science to target digital ads based on non-individualized predictive scores. Its biggest clients are sophisticated data-driven advertisers who know digital and expect their campaigns to drive results. 

AdTheorent is improving the digital world for advertisers and consumers. By way of illustration, consider the following: when a consumer accesses content on a device—a mobile device, tablet, or laptop, or even a connected television—a content page will render on that device and that screen will likely contain an opportunity to show an impression. 

Advertisers want to know which of these impressions or opportunities to show/serve ads to are most likely to yield engagement, conversions, or other advertiser-specified actions by their customers, such as credit card signups, online sales, hotel or airline bookings, whatever action is behind the ad campaign advertisers are using to drive those actions. They want to buy media that works.

The key to AdTheorent’s success is that it has transformed how that is done. AdTheorent uses machine learning and data science as its core method of ad targeting and campaign optimization. This contrasts with cookie-based or other ID-based, which focus more on individual identities and retargeting users and profiles across the Internet.

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James Lawson
CEO @AdTheorent Holding Company, Inc.
John Roy
Managing Director @Water Tower Research LLC