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Companies Growing Companies - Learn with Flawless Inbound
To be successful in global markets, companies need accessible resources for ideation to commercialization and beyond. Current tactics to build resource access and support include government-backed programs and VC funding. However, Alberta also has a robust ecosystem of companies providing platforms for market assets, enabling opportunities for mentorship, assessment, and collaboration. This builds networks within the innovation community that companies can access to rapidly build capacity to scale.

The Companies Growing Companies series, brought to you by Invest Alberta and Health Cities, features interactive conversations and lessons with experts in fields in various stages of company growth: product design, system integration, marketing, and capacity-building. Throughout the series, companies at every stage—from startup to multinational—will learn what it takes to succeed and grow in the health innovation sector, and why Alberta is the best place to build a business.

Moderated by Lynette Tremblay of Invest Alberta, this episode will feature Flawless Inbound, a management consultancy providing expertise in digital sales, marketing, and administrative framework.
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