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Celebrating new Hawaiian plant discoveries in 2021
For decades, NTBG has been roaming the mountains and valleys of the Hawaiian island of Kaua‘i by foot, helicopter, rappelling and using drones. Join NTBG field biologist Ken Wood and Drone Program manager Ben Nyberg in celebrating new discoveries of rare and endangered plants in 2021. Nominate your favorite new discovery for NTBGs Most Exiting Plant Discovery of 2021.

Dec 1, 2021 12:00 PM in Hawaii

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Kenneth R. Wood
Research Biologist @NTBG
Ken’s research focuses on the study and conservation of Pacific Island floras. His essential responsibilities include organizing and conducting botanical field surveys with a specialty in accessing rough terrain habitats. Other aspects of his research include: mapping the distribution and abundance of rare Pacific island plants (phytogeography); collecting herbarium specimens for scientific study, collecting seeds, spores, and cuttings for conservation, and DNA material for genetic sequencing; publishing conservation status data and new species descriptions; and contributing to conservation biology research and educational outreach through national and international scientific collaboration.
Ben Nyberg
GIS and Drone Program Coordinator @NTBG
Ben has an MSc degree in GIS (Global Information System mapping) from Penn State University from 2017. At NTBG he is responsible for management of organization-wide phytogeography data and GIS modeling, contributing data to NTBGs research and conservation work, as well as to over 250 NTBG led IUCN Red List assessments. Ben has also implemented an innovative drone program helping NTBG survey hard to access terrain. His research work with using drones in biodiversity exploration is internationally recognized and he has been locating several threatened plant species of conservation importance.