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Webinar - Re-imagining the Future of Corporate Travel
The world will get moving again and organisations needs to be ready for the future. At first glance, the direction of the corporate travel program may not matter to the Chief Financial Officer, but it should. As vaccines are rolled out globally and the world slowly reopens, business travellers will hold their organisations accountable for their safety, which will inadvertently bring about new levels of complexity from a compliance and risk mitigation perspective.

Organisations will need to establish new policies to protect employees’ health and safety at every stage of the business trip, while exercising prudence with managing their employee driven spend.

From pre-trip authorisations, vaccination passports, safety guidelines, quarantine and much more, what can we expect the future of corporate travel to look like? How can we plan for it, and what should we be doing right now? In these times of uncertainty, prevention is better than cure. From purchasing flexible fare tickets, to booking (refundable) hotels with higher cleanliness ratings, how do we ensure that we are using our spend in an impactful manner to the business?

Join DigitalCFO Asia, SAP Concur and our industry experts as we discuss the future of corporate travel and the role of the CFO in navigating it.
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