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DCW Webinar Helping People to Get Online
Helping People to Get Online

There are many people who own digital devices who would benefit from support or guidance to get online.

This webinar will:

• Discuss the importance of getting to know individuals so that support can be tailored to their needs.
• Explore ways to overcome barriers to getting online.
• Focus on methods for supporting someone remotely, giving advice by phone as well as video calling.
• Provide an overview of useful apps to communicate and signpost to resources for further learning.

This session will be delivered in English. Cyflwynir y sesiwn yn Saesneg.

Please note that by registering for this webinar, your personal data will be collected and stored on our database. To read our privacy notice for event attendees, please visit http://www.digitalcommunities.gov.wales/privacy-notice/

Dalier sylw - Wrth gofrestru gyda'r gweminar hwn, bydd eich data personol yn cael ei gasglu a'i storio ar ein bas data. Er mwyn darllen ein hysbysiad preifatrwydd ar gyfer mynychwyr ein sesiynau, darllenwch y canlynol http://www.digitalcommunities.gov.wales/cy/hysbysiad-preifatrwydd/

Feb 16, 2022 10:00 AM in London

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