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Fireside Chat: TMC the metals company, Inc. (NASDAQ: TMC) Chairman & CEO Gerard Barron, CFO Craig Shesky, and Project Director for NORI Grant Lindner
Please join us on November 16, 2022, at 10:00 am EST for a conversation with TMC Chairman & CEO Gerard Barron, CFO Craig Shesky, and Director for NORI Grant Lindner. TMC is a developer of what could be one of the largest resources of metals critical to the energy transformation currently underway. We will discuss the company’s strategy and update investors on the latest progress toward production. Topics will include:

• What are polymetallic nodules? Where are they found? Why are they viewed as instrumental in reaching global climate goals?
• The technology of collecting and processing nodules into commercial-grade metal products and TMC’s progress toward establishing onshore and offshore partnerships.
• The evolution of the regulatory and environmental framework and timing of regulatory codification that would make the exploitation of the resource possible.
• Project economics associated with TMC’s initial exploitation zone (NORI-D) and timetable and scale of Project-0 and Project-1.
• An update on milestones and targets expected to be achieved over the next 12-18 months.


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About TMC
TMC the metals company, Inc. (TMC) is poised to become the world’s largest miner and processor of metals critical to the EV, energy storage, and renewable energy industries, such as nickel, cobalt, copper, and manganese. The company is a pioneer in the deep-sea mining industry and is working to develop the capabilities needed to safely and cost effectively extract polymetallic nodules found at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in international waters off the coast of Mexico and Southern California. These fist-sized nodules contain the aforementioned critical metals in higher concentrations than can be found in conventional onshore metal deposits, making their subsequent processing more efficient, while cutting CO2 and other emissions by approximately 90% compared with mining and processing conventional onshore ores. TMC is aiming to begin collecting (a more appropriate term than “mining”) polymetallic nodules and delivering them to onshore processing plants at commercial scale by the end of 2024, after receiving the required regulatory permits and approvals.

For more information, visit www.metals.co.

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Gerard Barron
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer @TMC the metals company, Inc.
Craig Shesky
Chief Financial Officer @TMC the metals company, Inc.
Grant Lindner
Project Director for NORI @TMC the metals company, Inc.
Dmitry Silversteyn
Senior Research Analyst @Water Tower Research LLC